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A Few of My Favorite Things...

Maybe you are looking for a gift for that special yogi in your life, or perhaps just looking for yourself? I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite yoga-inspired items, and this week I want to take a look at pants.

I always have trouble finding the perfect pants. My body shape isn't exactly easy to shop for. I have a tiny waist, but a bigger, ahem, backside if you will. If I get something that fits my waist, it is often far too tight everywhere else, and vice versa if I get something that fits my hips. And I am not a huge fan of high-waisted pants because I am so short...the waistband acts more like a bra on me! Ha! Here are a few choices that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

1. Teeki Hot Pant. These pants are not cheap, but they are worth the cost, in my opinion. Not every pair of pants I own are pricey, but I will definitely splurge on these. They don't have to be constantly pulled up, and the rise is perfect for my body type. The material is oh-so-soft and dries quickly (for those sweaty sessions). On top of that, the prints they offer are so funky and cute!

2. Alo Coast Legging Another splurge-worthy pick is from Alo Yoga. Their clothes are effortlessly cool and subdued. With calming colors and super-breathable fabric, I love to wear these while I teach. They aren't my favorite to practice in during hot yoga, but are perfect for the non-heated styles.

3. Yoga Democracy The mere fact that these leggings are made from 78% recycled materials makes my inner tree hugger very happy. And they are super soft and incredibly breathable. They have a zillion different prints to choose from, and offer capri and full-length. Most of their styles are high-waist, so perfect when I want to hide the tummy.

On a budget? We don't all have unlimited funds for yoga gear (but in a perfect world...), especially yoga teachers. I go through pants like crazy, so also need a more budget-friendly option.

4. TSLA Yoga Pants These pants are amazing, and incredibly well-priced. You can probably buy 4-5 pairs of these and spend the same amount as the other pants noted above. The waist is a bit high, but the pants are great quality and come in a variety of sizes/colors. I have 4 pairs of these and love them. No fun patterns, but we aren't all that bold, right?

5. MTSCE Yoga Pants Probably my all-time favorite pant. I get more compliments on these than any other pant I wear, and I wear A LOT of yoga pants! I'm a huge fan of the fun prints, and the softness of these is incomparable. They dry quickly, are moisture-wicking, fit perfectly, and even after repeated washing, still hold their shape and color. Not bad for a pant under $20.

Next week I will give you some picks on the best mat for your money. Have a great week!


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